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meet josie

“working and learning with other upcyclists in her local community”

Josie Ewers is an upcyclist by trade, which means giving an old or discarded item a new lease of life.


Josie began her journey in upcycling in university when she was given an assignment of turning discarded items into art from a skip back in 2011. 

The following year Josie’s interests moved in the direction towards umbrellas, which excelled her art to all new levels as a mixed medium artist. 

It was during her final year of her degree, she began to make her work sellable. Josie looked into creating eccentric lampshades from plaster moulds of wellington boots, jewellery and broken mirrors. She also designed and created her own merchandise and logo. 

After graduating Josie opened two small exhibitions of her work selling photography, paintings and one umbrella made into a giant yellow lily in the local Quarry and Love’s cafe in Weston super Mare. 

In 2017, Josie (with the help and support of her family) began to upcycle furniture, since then she has been working towards turning this into a business. She has been working and learning with other upcyclists in her local community. 

Josie continues to upcycle various objects but would like to return to her mixed media art and intends to find part time work to suit her needs as an adult on the autistic spectrum and support her creative practice. 

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