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meet serafina

'Serafina’s work is "thoughtful, sincere, kind" and "full of magic".'

Serafina is interested in art's ability to give a voice to the internal world of the body – to make the unspeakable speakable. In how art can be used as a tool for healing, self-regulation and self-discovery; for communication and connection.


Self-Care Bears - designed and handmade by Serafina from recycled fabric and organic materials - are a sensory tool and investigation into the way that art can be a conduit for transformation - both for the artist and their audience.

Serafina explores themes of metamorphosis in other ways too; by upcycling clothes, facilitating workshops, through writing and creating theatre.


Serafina’s style has been described as Marshmallow punk, investigating that place where vulnerability and strength meet. Whatever the medium, Serafina’s work is ‘thoughtful, sincere, kind’ and ‘full of magic.’ Serafina has ‘a gift for bringing things to life.

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